Victory Through Video!

Engaging. Dynamic. Effective. Video can be the most valuable marketing tool in your arsenal—if you know how to maximize its potential. Arketype is a full-service marketing firm with the full capabilities of a video production house — in house. This powerful combination offers greater efficiency, better return on investment, and impressive business results.

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Captivate Your Audience

Video captures the essence of your brand in a dynamic way. You can deliver brand messages along with product information or sales offers together in one piece. As a marketing channel, video works harder and performs better than any other. According to Markettects, video conversion rates are 10 times greater than other forms of advertising.

Video portrays the emotion behind the information. Combining audio, images and motion, video triples its impact on audiences by bringing them into your story and captivating their attention for minutes at a time. When used on your website, video doubles the time a customer spends on your page (Source: Web Pro News) and increases the ability for your site to land on Goggle's first-page search results by 53 times (Source: Forrester Research).

Repurpose for Maximum ROI

Videos are versatile. The repurposing power of video means a big return on your marketing investment. Beyond TV broadcast, video adds impact online, in presentations, at tradeshows, in social media and beyond.

Repurpose a video to draw people to your website. Share a video on social media to encourage return visits. Put video in a presentation to show, not just tell, people what you have to offer. A corporate video creates a personal and emotional connection to stakeholders and customers. Used as supplemental material or as the main focus, videos make an impact. That's why businesses in 2010 increased their investment in video by 48% over the previous year, spending more than $1.5 billion on this specific marketing tool (Source: E Marketer).

The Arketype Difference

Arketype is a full-service marketing, design and branding agency with an in-house video production department that extends beyond the capabilities of a typical production house. The difference is Arketype's ability to deliver from creative concept through video production, as well as the marketing strategy to make the most of your video investment.

There is great value and efficiency in working with a marketing firm that supports video production from beginning to end. Direct communication, budget responsibilities, pre-production planning, vendor coordination, post-production equipment in-house and strategic distribution plans — it's all here at Arketype.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, highly talented animators and audio/video editors offer a full range of video services. We produce HD broadcast-quality videos, 2-D and 3-D animations, dynamic on-screen graphics, illustrations and film applications.

Arketype's diverse video experience includes more than 15 years in broadcast and digital video production with numerous industry awards including several Emmy Awards.

Watch our corporate video examples, TV commercials, product sales videos, feature film trailers and music videos featured in the player above. Contact Arketype to discuss how video can generate real business results for your organization.

Corporate Video

Optima - "Lean: A Healthcare Perspective" Jewelers Mutual - "Hingham Jewelers"
St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation - "It’s Personal: Continuing Our Caring Commitment" Graham - "InhibX"
Integrys - "Integrys" KI - "700 Series: Media Storage Options"

TV Advertising Production

Goodwill - "Shop", "It Feels Good to Donate", "Let It Go" Austen Straubel Airport - "Business", "Leisure"
Mayflower Greenhouse - "Outer Beauty", "Reigning Beauty", "Crowning Glory" Affinity Health System - "Greg’s Medical Home", "Jerry’s Medical Home"
Lakeland TV Spot" ARCW - Aids Walk Wisconsin PSA featuring Clay Mathews"

Motion Graphics

Kimberly-Clark - "2011 Pull Ups - Waking up the Category" Kimberly-Clark - "2011 Pull Ups - Waking up the Category"
Vancouver Art Gallery - "Don’t Miss" Sam Villa - "DVD Open"

Video and Film Production

Westbound - "Opening Credits" Adam Macintosh - "Steamtrain"

Why Video?


Increases website traffic, Google ratings, browsing time, viewership and customer engagement.


Video has unlimited potential for multipurpose use in broadcast, mobile, tradeshow, online, social media and more.

Why Arketype?


More than 15 years of video production experience in a variety of video services.


Going beyond the typical shoot-and-edit production houses, we create a full plan to make your video and make it work hard.


With designers, illustrators and animators in-house, we take video to the next level by integrating our creative talents with video expertise.